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My Favorite Character: Revenant

Revenant (Michael Sinclair) My character’s name is Revenant. He was once an investigative reporter who learned too much about organized crime. He got himself and his family killed. A major power player named Necromancer brought Michael back from the dead, endowing him … Continued

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Review: Unframed

"All in all, I think Unframed is a home run. It certainly provided me with new knowledge that will help me with my improv game, and it also managed to remind of GM techniques I've let move to the back burner, that definitely need to come back to the front."

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Me vs. You

This blog post may or may not contain spoilers for Marvel: Agents of Shield. This post grew out of a discussion Ron and I had after an episode we watched on Hulu the other day. We are about 2 episodes … Continued

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