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Guest Post: Usability and Game Design

There is an incredible number of similarities between good web designers and good tabletop game designers. Both want to create experiences that are pleasing. Both think about information architecture, content strategy, and presentation. Both want users to enjoy using their products so much that they barely even have to really think about using it. “It just works.”

Kristian Serrano in Blog + Guest Posts

Behind the Screen: NPCs

"It's reasonable to believe a lot of work ought to go into a world's population, and, in principle, I absolutely agree with that belief. As principle and practice are often mutually exclusive, so too are my principles and practices regarding NPCs. My level of work on NPCs ranges from nearly zero to zero."

Ron Blessing in Blog

Thousands of Words

"David Trampier passed away on March 24, 2014 at, age 59, after a long bout with illness... In Trampier’s memory, Steve Zieser, a long time fan of Trampier’s work and an excellent artist in his own right, has a proposed a memorial fit for an artist."

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